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Buses from Stavanger Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Stavanger Airport Sola is located approximately 6.9 miles/11 km southwest of Stavanger, in the municipality of Sola, Norway.

Between Stavanger Airport and the surrounding areas, all passengers will have various options for bus transportation services that can bring them to and from their further location. The buses that operate from the airport include Flybussen, Henta bus service, and city bus services.


When using Flybussen passengers can transfer from Stavanger Airport to many places within the city of Stavanger. The bus will depart from Stavanger Airport approximately every 10 minutes, during rush hours. The buses depart from 07:25 am to 07:05 pm.

The travel time between Stavanger Airport and the city center is about 20-30 minutes.

Ticket prices for Flybussen are as follows:

  • Adult single-ticket: On the bus: NOK 160,- and online: NOK 136,-
  • Adult return ticket: On the bus: NOK 240,- and online: NOK 205,-
  • Children, Students, and elders ticket: On the bus: NOK 120,- and online:105,-

All tickets can be purchased at Stavanger Airport Bus booths in the Arrivals Hall at the airport. You may also buy your ticket directly on board the bus. However, there will be an extra fee. Please refer to the above prices

For more information, please visit Flybussen’s Website.

Bus to and from Sandnes

Henta is the main service operator between SVG airport and Sandnes. They offer an Airport Express Coach to Sandnes, which needs to be pre-booked in advance. Tickets must be purchased before 6:00 pm the day before.

In the app, Henta.no, you can follow the bus in real-time. Please note, if the bus is more than 15 minutes delayed, the bus company will cover a taxi.

If you have not bought your ticket on time, it might be possible to ride the bus as long as there is a scheduled departure and there is free space on the bus.

Travel time between the airport and Sandnes is just 20 minutes.

Ticket prices for buses to Sandnes are as follows:

  • Adult single-ticket: departing from Austrått/Håbafjell/Bogafjell: NOK 180,- and departing from Sandnes: NOK 130,-
  • Adult return ticket: departing from Austrått/Håbafjell/Bogafjell: NOK 288,- and departing from Sandnes: NOK 208,-
  • Children, Students, and elders single-ticket: departing from Austrått/Håbafjell/Bogafjell: NOK 135,- and departing from Sandnes: NOK 100,-
  • Children, Students, and elders return-ticket: departing from Austrått/Håbafjell/Bogafjell: NOK 216,- and departing from Sandnes: NOK 160,-

Find more information regarding schedules on Henta’s website.

City buses to and from Stavanger

Passengers can also choose to take the city bus route 42, which stops at both Stavanger Airport and Sola.

Bus stops: Jåsund, Tananger, Stavanger Airport, Sola, Forus, Kvadrat and Sandnes.

The entire bus route takes 1 hour. The single ticket price starts at NOK 38.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines, through Kolumbus ticket app “Kolumbus Billett”, using Travel Money, and on board the bus.

To find more information and purchase your ticket please refer to Kolumbus’ website. You can find the bus schedule here.

Airport Shuttle Services

There will be several hotels and resorts, which offer a shuttle bus service at your disposal to get you to and from Stavanger Airport.